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From: "ARROJO American Wave" <info@arrojoproduct.com>
Subject: New American Wave Certification Dates
Date: August 1st 2013

You can find full details on all of the nationwide American Wave certification dates noted above by clicking on this tile. Or if you prefer to talk, you can call Nicole on 212 242 7786 ext 213. Or email: nicole@arrojonyc.com. We're happy to answer any questions about the products, the services, the certification class, or any other queries that you may have. Don't delay, get your American Wave on today!
A new and exclusive professional texture enhancing service, American Wave offers the permanent creation of volume, texture, curls, and beach waves. The system uses editorial hair setting techniques and ionic technology to create modern, fashion-forward looks. Click here for more of the features and benefits...
At an American Wave edition of Happy Mondays, our renowned two-hour educational master-jam, a hundred hairdressers crammed in as Nick Arrojo and his team of world-class texture specialists gave an inaugural American Color Wave presentation. "Color Wave," said Nick, "enables stylists to combine the magnetic power of vibrant, striking color with the beautiful elegance of textures with artful tousle and flow, which means a new avenue of services to offer to clients." For all the details on the Color Wave launch, click here.
To promote the brilliant potential of American Color Wave, we recently released a new editorial collection, called Coney Island. Set on Brooklyn's iconic seaside town, the scintillating combination of sun and surf provides the perfect backdrop for a free-spirited look at summer's beach babes. To see this fashionable bricolage of modern multi-textured hairstyles, joined by vibrant blondes and brunettes, click here.
We can tell you all about the wonder of American Wave transformations, but nothing beats seeing some for yourself. Happily, we've been featuring American Wave makeovers on www.stylenoted.com, our blog for creative hair inspiration. To see the power of this pioneering service, have a look here, here, and here.
American Color Wave is a new version of our revolutionary texture-enhancing service that empowers clients to combine the timeless elegance, beauty and grace of modern multi-textured styles with today's most fashionable hair colors, from bombshell blondes to pastel-gelato dip-dyes. To celebrate the launch of the service in our NYC salon, we made a video showing the process from the clients' and the stylists' eye-view. Watch the film, here.
"We champion texture. As it happens, the fashion world is starting to champion texture. So there's synergy. This is a service for the consumer who has never, ever experienced the 'p' word," said Nick Arrojo to the Chicago Tribune. To read the full story, click here.
As the texture trend took off, we were asked to present our revolutionary American Wave on NBC's The Today Show. To watch Nick presenting summer texture trends to the nation, click here.

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