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From: "ARROJOproduct" <info@arrojoproduct.com>
Subject: FREE Defrizz Serum, from ARROJO product
Date: May 11th 2012

For smooth, even textures, to shape super sleek blow-dries, Defrizz Serum is FREE with all $40+ purchases from www.arrojoproduct.com.*

Simply add $40+ of product to your cart and defrizz will be automatically added to your order.

Offer Available till May 31.

Plus: Free Shipping on all orders over $50.

(In the contiguous U.S.)

*Excludes gift card purchases

Other Best Sellers...

Color Save Shampoo & Conditioner:
Aside from the great color protection, which locks in vibrancy and shine, this duo gives improved body, more elasticity, and increased smoothness. We also love the linden-blossom fragrance -- soothing and de-stressing.

Hair Repair Masque:
This masque is our hero! A luxurious, deep conditioning repair treatment that feels absolutely fabulous and takes breathtaking effect. Adding incredible shine, softness, strength, and manageability it's perfect to restore vitality if your hair is brittle and dry. Anyone that craves extra luster, radiance and glister will love this product.

ReFinish Dry Shampoo:
Infused with mango, passion flowers, aloe vera and ginger, ReFinish cleans hair without water by absorbing excess oils. Creates texture and volume instantly, while protecting hair from damage caused by daily cleansing.

Free Defrizz Serum With All $40 Purchases

Plus Free Shipping on all orders over $50.(in the contiguous U.S.)

ARROJO Product: Love Your Hair. We Do

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